The mission of Tempus Institute is to help domestic manufacturers and other organizations develop an effective operations strategy based on Quick Response Manufacturing to create long term growth in profitability, cash flow and market share. The Institute provides QRM training for leaders to implement the strategy of time throughout the enterprise.  Workshops are offered around the country to help spread the knowledge into new areas.
Tempus Institute provides a wide range of consulting services to assist your organization create lasting improvement, from general management consulting to a several-day assessment to a long-range transformational change.​


Tempus Institute announces The Office Game, a simulation designed to show how a Quick-Response Office Cell can
reduce lead time dramatically over the typical functional organization. 

2019 ACTIVITIES (click arrow for more details)

June 25 & 26, 2019 The Office Game at QRM International Conference: Madison, Wisconsin

The OFFICE GAME at QRM International Conference
led by Bill Ritchie, Founder of Tempus Institute

June 25 & 26, 2019  Madison, Wisconsin

September 12, 2019  QRM Workshop featuring The Office Game,  Hilton Garden Inn: Nashville Airport-Nashville, TN

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) Workshop
led by Bill Ritchie, Founder of Tempus Institute

April 11, 2019  Hilton Garden Inn Airport    Nashville, Tennessee

Learn how to take serious time of your operations to reduce waste and lead time while growing market share to become more profitable. 

This workshop focuses on Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM), a proven strategy that is being used around the world by businesses in all industries, even services that need to reduce their Total Lead Time to process orders and meet customer requirements. QRM is an alternative strategy to concepts developed for high volume production such as lean. Companies that compete in markets with low volume, high variety, and customized products and services often obtain dramatic results by taking Time Out.

Developed by Dr. Rajan Suri, this workshop makes use of his original QRM materials along with those of the presenter, Bill Ritchie, Founder of Tempus Institute. The workshop includes The Office Game, a simulation created by the presenter that demonstrates to participants how effective a QRM Cell is in the office compared to the standard methodology.

Additionally, you will learn how QRM is the most effective way for you to retain and attract the best people you need to be successful.

This is an active, hands-on workshop that will result in the participants leaving with an outline of the actions they can take THE NEXT DAY to start reducing lead time and building more effective operations in production and in the office.

The workshop is held at Hilton Garden Inn just north of the Nashville airport on Thursday, April 11th from 8:30am to 4pm. A Continental breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon break will be provided. Downtown Nashville is only 8 miles away so be sure to visit the nightlife there or even stay over the weekend!

Who should attend: Owner and leaders of manufacturing and service businesses, senior level leaders, managers, and those who are leading or plan to lead a business transformation to be more effective in meeting customer needs.

"Early Bird" Offer: The first five companies that sign up two or more attendees can have another person attend at no charge. Contact Bill Ritchie at BillRitchie@TempusInstitute.com to obtain the free registration or with any other questions.


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